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Animal Success Stories
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We have now had Chance (aka Denver) for five months. He is a big part of our lives and we are happy to be a part of his. He loves to cuddle with us on our sunroom couch and when we go to bed. And, in the mornings after we get up, he goes back to bed to enjoy the whole bed to himself. He is great with everyone and loves to play with the dogs in the neighborhood, especially his best friend Willow (our daughter's 7 month old yellow lab -- they are the best of friends). We're very happy that you saved this little guy's life and brought him to Vermont.


I adopted Louie a bit over a year ago now. I just figured I'd check in to let you know all is going well! Louie has been a great friend and really enjoys hiking, swimming, and mid-afternoon naps in my chair. I hope all is well with you. And thanks for helping us through the adoption process!


This is our sweet Olive cruising. She loves to ball up in funny places. Second pic is of our Texas girl embracing the snow. She LOVES to go for hikes in the snow. She is the sweetest girl. Starting to really come into her personality and we could not have asked for a more loving dog. We feel super lucky to have her and she is the missing piece in my life. Thank you for bringing us together!!!!!


6 years ago you gave me my best friend. He is still the most wonderful dog in the world! Love every moment Simon (formerly Laddie) has spent playing with me! Happy Adoption Day for us!!!


Thanks for checking in Alyssa! Olive is amazing, we couldn't be happier we were able to adopt her. She has made fast friends with her big sister and are snuggle buddies. We went to Maine for the weekend and cut down Olive's first Christmas tree. She's the sweetest thing ever. We did take her to our vet when adopted her fur a check up and she has a fracture that healed incorrectly but as it doesn't hurt or show her down we aren't going to do anything about it. Her sitting with her leg out just adds to her charm. I've included a few pictures of her recent adventures visiting VT and ME. Thanks for all your good works and uniting us with a sweetheart! Best, Rebecca

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